Nao Robots for RoboCup Soccer Competition

Nao Robots for RoboCup Soccer Competition was a project that we worked on between September 2020 and June 2021. The project aimed to program Nao robots to play soccer in the RoboCup competition.
We used the Python SDK to program the Nao robots to play soccer. We implemented a built-in object tracker to find and track the ball. Furthermore, we developed an algorithm to find the goal using built-in image detection.
One of the key challenges of the project was developing a control loop that could make the robot find the ball and goal, localize them, and go towards the goal with the ball to score a goal. This involved developing algorithms for motion planning, obstacle avoidance, and pathfinding.
Another challenge of the project was ensuring that the Nao robots could communicate with each other and work together as a team. We overcame this challenge by implementing a communication protocol that allowed the robots to share information about their positions, the position of the ball, and their intended actions.
The project involved extensive testing and fine-tuning to ensure that the Nao robots could play soccer effectively. Our project served as a basis for further research.
Overall, the Nao Robots for RoboCup Soccer Competition project was a great learning experience that allowed us to gain valuable experience in robotics, programming, and teamwork. It also demonstrated the potential of robotics technology to compete in a highly challenging and competitive environment.