UniBoost was a peer-to-peer tutoring platform designed specifically for students at ETH Zurich. The platform was created to help students offer private tutoring sessions for various lectures across different departments, giving them the flexibility to set their own pace, availabilities, and price per hour. This allowed students to earn extra income by leveraging their own knowledge and skills, while also helping fellow students who might be struggling with certain subjects.
The platform was designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that allowed students to quickly and easily search for tutors, book sessions, and manage their own schedules. It also offered features such as ratings and reviews, which helped to ensure that students could find high-quality tutors who were knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable.
However, despite its popularity among students, the project was eventually discontinued due to legal concerns. While we did our best to address these concerns and ensure that the platform complied with all relevant laws and regulations, there were still too many unanswered questions and potential risks. As a result, we made the difficult decision to shut down the platform, in order to avoid any potential legal issues or liability.
Despite its relatively short lifespan, UniBoost was a valuable project that provided an important service to students at ETH Zurich. It demonstrated the potential of peer-to-peer tutoring platforms as a way to help students learn and succeed, while also providing opportunities for other students to share their knowledge and earn extra income. While the project may have come to an end, its legacy lives on as an inspiration to others who are interested in exploring innovative new ways to support student learning and success.