SWARM is an ongoing project that focuses on building a robust interface to control a swarm of drones. Our team has been working on this project since January 2022, and we have made significant progress in developing different interfaces for controlling the drones. The interfaces we have developed include PC, BCI, and Hololens 2. This ensures that users can control the drones using their preferred method, depending on their level of experience and the task at hand.
The drones we are using for the project are the Tello Edu drones, which are known for their reliability and versatility. We are also programming them using the provided Python SDK, which allows us to customize their functionality and capabilities to suit our needs. This has enabled us to develop different algorithms for object detection, tracking, and autonomous navigation, which are essential for enabling the drones to complete various tasks.
Our project is not meant for commercial use, but rather for research purposes. We believe that our work on SWARM has the potential to advance the field of robotics, particularly in the area of drone swarms. With the increasing use of drones in various industries, such as agriculture, logistics, and delivery, our project can help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of these operations. We are committed to continuing our work on SWARM and exploring new ways to enhance the capabilities of drone swarms.