Guided AR Tour

Guided AR Tour was a project that I worked on in August 2021. The project involved developing an augmented reality (AR) tour app for the opening event of SPH.
The app consisted of 17 different markers, each of which provided a different instruction about SPH. Using Unity and C#, I built the app to be an Android app. I also used Vuforia to track the markers and ensure accurate placement of the AR content.
One of the key challenges of the project was ensuring that the app was user-friendly and provided clear instructions to users. To address this challenge, I worked on developing a simple and intuitive user interface that provided users with easy-to-understand instructions about SPH.
The Guided AR Tour project was a great success, and it even helped me secure a job with a mixed reality (MR) company. After seeing my work on the project, the company reached out to me and offered me a position.
Overall, the Guided AR Tour project was an exciting and rewarding experience that allowed me to showcase my skills in AR development and UI design. It also demonstrated the potential of AR technology to provide engaging and interactive experiences for users in a variety of contexts.