AR Ultrasound Probe

AR Ultrasound Probe was a group project that I participated in from September 2019 to January 2020. Our objective was to create a mixed reality app that could simulate an AR ultrasound probe using HoloLens 1 and Android devices. The app would allow medical professionals to examine patient anatomy in real-time, potentially improving diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes.
To develop the app, we used Unity, a cross-platform game engine, and C#, a popular programming language, to create a custom mixed reality experience. Our team used the TCP protocol to establish communication between the computer and HoloLens device. This allowed us to stream real-time data from the ultrasound probe and display it on the HoloLens or Android device, providing an immersive and interactive experience.
We also leveraged an open-source codebase for the AR ultrasound probe that was originally written in C#. We extended this code to add additional functionality and integrate it with our Unity project. We used Vuforia, an augmented reality SDK, for marker detection and tracking, which enabled us to accurately place the ultrasound probe in the virtual environment.
In our app, users could scan a patient’s body with the AR ultrasound probe and view the corresponding ultrasound image on the HoloLens or Android device. The app provided users with the ability to adjust the probe settings, such as frequency and gain, and view previous images for comparison. We designed the app to be user-friendly and intuitive, so that medical professionals could quickly learn how to use it.
The AR Ultrasound Probe project was a challenging but rewarding experience that allowed me to gain valuable skills in AR development, teamwork, and project management. It also provided me with the opportunity to apply my Unity and C# skills to a real-world application, and to contribute to the development of a potentially life-saving medical tool. I am proud of the work that our team accomplished and the impact that our project could have on the healthcare industry.